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Brides from Russia for Dating

Brides from Russia for Dating

Mail-Order Bride Sites: the Notion and the Essence


Perhaps today it is almost impossible to find people who have never heard of Russian dating site. Why dating online has become so popular? It is difficult to answer unequivocally. On the one hand, on dating sites found themselves closed and shy people who find it difficult to make contact with strangers in the real world. On the other hand, this is a real find for busy people who simply don’t have time for dating in real life. And, finally, a large percentage of fans of Russian mail order brides dating sites are people who want to have a short-term affair behind the legal spouse. After all, the main advantage of virtual communication is its anonymity. It’s not necessary to speak the whole truth about yourself. Enough of her half or a quarter.

If you drop the love on a dating site for Russian singles, romance, tears and happy smiles, there remains the actual essence of such resources, which can be defined in three words: finding the right partner. All hot Russian brides have different aims. Someone is really looking for their happiness. And, however unrealistic it may sound, sometimes it really does. And someone just wants to chat with interesting people on various topics. But, in fact, all communication begins with the selection of a suitable young lady for the specified parameters.

In order to use the services of any site, you must register and fill out a form. All profiles are stored in a single database on the site. When choosing a potential partner, you can sort by the parameters, indicating the age, height, weight, character traits of the future candidate for a romantic relationship. In essence, dating sites with Russian female are conditionally free. Conventionally, because on some sites, not all services are provided free of charge. For example, on large projects for virtual dating, even the selection of a partner in the sign of the zodiac can be accomplished only by sending a paid sms message. You will also have to pay to raise your profile up to attract attention.

The dream of marrying a foreigner or a foreigner excites the consciousness of millions of women and men. And if there is demand, there will be supply. Today, there are many projects on the net that offer Russian women and men to start relationships with foreigners. But it is worth bearing in mind that there are also a lot of scammers and swindlers on such sites. Calculate them all is unrealistic, despite the serious efforts of the administration sites. Therefore, you should be wary of every candidate who wants to enter into correspondence.


Which Features make Russian Brides So desirable?


Every woman wants to be loved, the one for which a man will be ready to move mountains, overcome any obstacles and put the whole world at her feet. Men are really capable of such feats, but only for the sake of that which captured their minds and made the heart tremble.

Beautiful Russian women have always managed to get such an attitude towards themselves. They have certain feminine qualities that have been so valuable by men at all times. Thanks to them, sexy Russian women have always fascinated the opposite sex. So, the most important qualities of the character of Russian brides:


  1. Kindness - if a man is a conqueror in essence and he needs aggressiveness for survival, then the representative of the weaker sex is a keeper of peace, harmony and peace. She can give you tips on any subject. Save the world is impossible without kindness, sympathy, compassion;

  2. Sensuality - the ability to show their feelings, responsiveness, spontaneity act fascinatingly on the representatives of the stronger sex. Russian woman knows how to rejoice and have fun, which makes her indispensable in the life of a man;

  3. Humility and pliability - through humility and obedience, a woman transfers responsibility to her chosen one, making him more courageous. A real man will be delighted with Russian woman;

  4. Tenderness and softness - a strong floor like a magnet draws to cute creatures. Gentle voice, facial expression, movement, character can enchant and transform anyone. The more tender a woman is, the harder and more courageous to become a man next to her;

  5. Fidelity - loyalty - the key to a strong and strong relationship. A man must be 100% sure of his soul mate. Female devotion feeds him, gives strength, a desire to act and achieve goals. Loyalty in the list of feminine qualities occupies a very important place;

  6. Self esteem - is first and foremost a sense of its value, it is necessary for the fair sex to competently build relationships, caring equally about their needs and their needs. A man will appreciate only the woman who values ​​herself;

  7. Optimism and cheerfulness - these qualities are the best and the most attractive to any person. And the man will also reach for the one that can fill his life with joy and fun. After all, the gloom and gloominess absolutely do not suit the sweet and gentle creatures;

  8. Understanding - is very important and valuable feature for any man. He needs to know that a woman accepts him completely and completely, that she gives him complete freedom for self-expression, supporting even the most insane aspirations. For the sake of such a woman, he will be ready for much.

  9. Sincerity - real relationships cannot be built without being open to each other. Sincerity is truthfulness, purity of intentions, the ability to tell the truth about your feelings and emotions. For any husband, such a relationship will be of great value;

  10. Thrift - the well-known saying: “The path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach” is still relevant today. Before a tasty and varied food will not stand any male representative. A comfort in the house, created by a caring Russian woman will help him to relax.


Russian Mail Order Bride Websites: Social Review


Attitude to Russian dating through the Network is very ambiguous. Someone thinks that this is a waste of time, while others celebrate their wedding with the other half, which they found through the Internet. With confidence it can be said only the one thing: the popularity of Russian mail order brides dating sites is growing day by day. The explanation for this is simple: this way you can communicate with people from Russia and in general from any country, any age and status, which means you can increase your chance to find Russian wife with similar interests and tastes.

Surely, many have heard stories from friends about how they found their Russian love or already spouses via the Internet. Moreover, this does not necessarily happen on special portals to search for a couple - someone “liked” the photo of the person they liked on the social network or started correspondence in the messenger. The fact remains: people met online. The Internet has firmly entered our lives: they both work and rest here - so why not use it to search for a life partner?

The effectiveness of dating on the Internet is confirmed by several experiments. For example, the study of the British psychologist Jeffrey Gavin. Volunteers who helped a scientist evaluate the effectiveness of online dating were made by young people aged 19 to 26 who were ready for serious relationship. Their task was to register on a dating site in order to find a partner. At the end of the experiment, 72% of the participants continued close communication in real life, and some of them subsequently even entered into marriage. Statistics show that more than a third of the users of the World Wide Web have used the services of dating sites at least once. Every day, more than one and a half million people spend on these portals for 4 hours or more. At the same time, men and women on sites are roughly equally divided.

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Top Methods of Searching a Wife by Means of Russian Mail Order Brides’ Platform


Online dating is a great way to communicate, which is preferred by more and more people dreaming to meet Russian women, as well as those who just want to flirt. Your online dating profile is something that helps people decide whether to start a conversation with you or not. To create a good profile on a dating site, you need to write interesting information about yourself that will attract attention. Also add some nice photos to your account. Fill the profile in a positive style, and soon you will attract many potential Russian mail order brides.


Write winning information about yourself:


  • Choose a simple but effective alias. You need a pseudonym that will be beneficial to stand out from the crowd, but still fit you. Nickname should not contain sexual overtones. Stay away from boring and banal pseudonyms. You can come up with a nickname, using verbal or humorous puns. Cute and slightly stupid pseudonyms are also great. You can take something from pop culture, but that should make some sense to you. Different mixed aliases look good. You can mix a couple of interesting areas of interest to you, and you get a cool alias. Resist the desire to just add some numbers at the end of the alias. Otherwise it will turn out too boring - be creative. For security and privacy reasons, do not use your full name as your online ID;

  • Come up with an interesting, eye-catching status. Pay attention to the field at the top of your profile with a capacity of 100 characters (or so) - this is your opportunity to make a great impression. Choose a favorite quote from a movie or from a book that has a special meaning for you. You can write down briefly some of your most incredible event or funny conversation. Do not attempt to fit all information in this field at once. A little later you will reach more voluminous fields, where you can write about yourself. If possible, avoid listing entries. It will be useful to think about what type of Russian brides your profile should be interested in. This is the type of information that must be entered in this field or in other fields. When in doubt, it is always better to find more information on the Internet;

  • Tell a story. The idea is to show how your interests saturate your life, and not just to list them. In the most important text field in your profile, write a vivid history in detail about your interests and hobbies. The more interesting details it contains, the better. For example, if you like dancing and traveling, you can describe your ideal date in Spain, where you could dance salsa. If something really happened in your life, write about the unique feelings that you experienced at that moment. What were the sounds like? How did people behave? Be sure to finish your story with a bright memorable ending. If you really want to seem original, add your profile with nice photos to get the whole story. Or consider making your photos just part of the background. You can also write a list of what you like and don’t like, but more and more people simply ignore these fields, comparing them with the shopping list;

  • Try to write as bright as possible. You need to create exciting associations when you choose words. Instead of mentioning how you looked at “something”, write that you were “just fascinated” by it. Keep in mind that more specific words will have a positive effect much faster. Men are successful if they make an impression of a confident and optimistic person. A little humor does not hurt both men and women, because both those and others react positively to the puns and jokes found in other profiles. Just avoid too many exclamation points at the end of the jokes, because the extra punctuation confuses people a little.


If you contact the Russian mail order bride agency, then qualified psychologists will make a portfolio for you. In addition, they will help you to understand which features in Russian girls attract you the most.


Russian Mail Order Brides: Money Issues


You will need a consultation first. Full consultation with the analysis of your opportunities and prospects, recommendations necessary for the solution of your question, assessment of the adequacy of your desires. Consultations are conducted by mail order bride agency specialist - an expert on interpersonal relationships and international communications. Cost - from 50 dollars.


  1. Basic program - payment for posting a profile in several dating services (website):

  • Consultation with an expert of the agency (2 hours);

  • Professional compilation of your profile;

  • Selection of photos suitable for a profile, professional recommendations;

  • Posting a profile in the base / on the website of the agency (with the consent of the client);

  • Placing a profile in databases / websites of dating agencies;

  • Providing all Candidates who have responded to your profile and are interested in meeting you. Acquaintance only with mutual consent;

  • Self-selection of Russian mail order wives from the catalog of the Agency;

  • Acquaintance with Russian teen girls not younger than 10 years. Acquaintance only with mutual consent.


Cost: from $ 2000. Term profile placement: 1 year


2.  VIP program - payment for membership and profile placement and individual search of Russian brides:


  • Consultation with an expert of the Agency (1-2 hours);

  • Professional compilation of your profile;

  • Selection of photos suitable for the profile;

  • Posting a profile in the agency's VIP database;

  • Placing a profile in the VIP-bases of dating agencies (agency partners);

  • Providing all Candidates who have responded to your profile and are interested in getting to know you (no time limit). Acquaintance only with mutual consent;

  • Professional search and selection of potential russian Brides for marriage for you, taking into account all your wishes (including 15 years and more younger than you);

  • Acquaintance with the potential girlfriend - only with mutual consent;

  • Consulting support by an expert by phone / Skype / e-mail.


The Russian mail order brides cost depends on the complexity of the search criteria, as well as the adequacy of the requirements. The term "VIP-status" - 1 year.


Legality of Russian Mail Order Brides: a Controversial Issue?


Legitimate Russian dating sites provide you with a meeting with pretty Russian women whose documents meet the requirements and standards of stay in a foreign country and with those who are fully committed to creating a family. At the agency, managers will collect a package of documents and generally do all the paperwork for you.


The Most Interesting Facts Concerning Russian Mail Order Brides


The main feature of Russian dating sites is the feeling of an extraordinary breadth of choice: tens and hundreds of letters come to each girl. Even those who are ignored in real life, messages come and come. As a result, girls get dizzy with success, and the bar of choice is often pulled up to unrealistic heights. The Internet has so penetrated our lives that it has become an integral, routine part of it. Even five years ago, the network was the lot of young people from big cities, but now you can find on-line even a pensioner from a Siberian working village. According to statistics, every third Russian uses the Internet. Virtual communication, if it does not prevail over the real one, is certainly not inferior to it in frequency and duration.

Mail order bride services are among the most popular in the rating of dating resources. Millions of people of different ages are registered here. The myth that only scary, fat girls and notorious boys use dating sites now looks ridiculous. There you can meet anyone. A person who comes in the hope of finding Russian ladies is likely to face some difficulties. The trouble is that these difficulties are not obvious. Most inhabitants of dating sites have slightly different aims than those indicated in the questionnaires, and one must have considerable experience and ability to analyze in order to separate flies from cutlets and work out the correct tactics of behavior.

Look for those who are good, businesslike, pragmatic. Healthy pragmatism is a good thing. After all, they choose such seriously and for a long time. And they choose a person, not his wallet. Russian women are usually mocking, witty, beautiful and a little reckless. It is easy to remain silent with them, and it is difficult to speak if you do not correspond to their level. They are easy to love. They are open and honest. Even in small things. These are perfect wives, great lovers and good people.